Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Video: Understanding Greek bailout in 4min..

This post is on Greece but First thing First... The US media is Horrid!..

Dreadful and horrid..

Let's just state that upfront-- it is pro-corporation, pro-Wall St, constantly distorts truth to fit ideological purposes (whether it be Left v Right or USA #1) and will do everything in its power to brainwash every man, woman & child in believing in a faux 'recovery' with full credit given to the current President.

The US media refuses to cover the devastation and real-life suffering of this current depression-- those living in homeless shelters, tent cities or in their automobiles... the heavy dependence on government assistance-- food stamps, welfare, unemployment benefits, etc simply to scrape by.. the continual systematic destruction of the middle class...  The US media shows None of it.

And when it comes to Greece, the only headline they wish to trumpet is that Greece got a second bailout i.e.  problem solved, let the recovery commence.

For honest written journalism, we read British finance papers and the German publication, Spiegel.   And for televised news, we much prefer Russia Today (RT)

The above video is 4:15 long.  The interviewee is Rodney Shakespeare, a political analyst and professor of Binary Economics, and afterwards you should get a true understanding of where Greece and the rest of the world stands in terms of the Eurozone, global banking and how bad things are & continue to be for a nation that is for all intensive purposes, a colony.

If video doesn't show up or play, click link below:


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