Monday, February 6, 2012

The Fourth Reich

The Greeks are cowards. Gutless, spineless cowards.

 All of them.

The leaders capitulate again and the populace still are afraid to fully commit themselves to a course of action to put new leadership in place that will work on their behalf, not the creditors. Oh sure they protest, throw rocks and strike a lot...  far more than any American would do in similar circumstance.  But they still believe the lies and want to stay in the Euro.  

So you get what you get.

So here's a brief recap:  First, that Sunday deadline that got pushed to Monday?  Now they say there is no deadline.  Then the troika basically say in layperson terms-- "Concede and bow to us or Default- either way, we are tired of you pathetic people"   So...

Greece caves in on 15,000 civil service firings (AP) -- "Greece's coalition government on Monday caved in to demands to cut civil service jobs, announcing 15,000 positions would go this year, amid mounting international pressure to agree on austerity measures needed to secure major new debt agreements... the job cuts would be carried out under a new law that allows such firings."

Next to be conceded is minimum wage, then it will be officially over- total political, global humiliation.  And the nation is still going to economically going to crash & burn.  It now will do so as an economic colony of Germany.

Portugal, Ireland, Italy & Spain.. you are all next.

If you know anything about WWII history, in a sense Greece is the modern version of 1930s Czechoslovakia-- taken over by Germany without a shot being fired, and you will hear leaders proclaim in most Neville Chamberlain-like fashion after Greece's surrender of autonomy is official that there will be economic peace in our times.

The modern Germany is the Fourth Reich.  The most wealthy and powerful nation in Europe.  And they want control politically and economically.  In some ways, no different than their predecessors except without the desire to exterminate people based on religion and ethnicity.

We said it a million times... we say it again:  Greece should outright Default.. do it today... do it immediately.  Don't even give advance warning.  Dramatically rattle and make chaotic the world markets and trigger the Credit Default Swaps...

Only a brave nation would do this to revenge against their financial oppressors.

Greece is not that nation.

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