Friday, August 12, 2011

Ecuador Celebrates Best Dark Chocolate in the World

Ecuadorian Chocolate makers, Pacari Chocolate, champion world-class products through environmentally sustainable practices. 

Los Angeles, CA (August 12, 2011) -- Pacari Chocolate was started as a small, family owned company in 2000 by Santiago Peralta and Carla Barboto. The couple set out to build a business that was based on socially and environmentally sustainable principals to ensure that their products would support the well-being of the land and community they were a part of. They also sought to keep their core ingredient, the native Arriba Nacional cacao, from nature to consumption, as pure as possible and in so doing created the first single-origin, organic chocolate made entirely in Ecuador. (

Pacari now exports to 19 countries around the world and has been recognized by the leading dark chocolate authority, as being one of the world's best dark chocolates.

Throughout their journey, Pacari has kept focus on their mission statement and commitment to their ecosystem. From growers to producers, the founders and the company at large are involved in every step of production, ensuring the healthy, ecologically conscious and consistent delivery of quality, organic products to their worldwide buyers.

Pacari Chocolate is a representation of the excellence achieved by many small and medium sized Ecuadorian companies. The growth in globally successful Ecuadorian exporters is in part a result of the outstanding efforts of the Government of Ecuador under President Rafael Correa’s Popular and Solidarity Economy, which has encouraged independent and mirco producers to band together as associations (called AEPYS or Actores de la Economia Popular y Solidaria). The collective or AEPYS, operating as a unified group, is able to meet and fulfill the market demand on a consistent basis, while maintaining the highest quality. AEPYS exist in all industries, with an emphasis on food, textile and agricultural products.

According to the National Assembly of Ecuador (Asamblea Nacional del Ecuador) in 2010, 48.9% of total employment was generated by enterprises with 1 to 10 employees; these micro and small enterprises generated 67.1% of total employment. Revenues from small business accounted for 27.7% of the gross domestic product.

"Pacari Chocolate is one of many outstanding, globally successful companies from Ecuador, " says Dick Vega, Trade Commissioner for Ecuador in Los Angeles, "at the Trade Commission of Ecuador in Los Angeles, our doors are always open. We invite companies and individuals to meet with us and explore the opportunities of doing business and investing in Ecuador. We are committed to helping find the right partners who will provide the best possible products and their successful, consistent delivery to market."

[Translation]["Pacari es una de las muchas destacadas empresas que se han colocado en el mercado internacional exitosamente." dice Dick Vega, Jefe Comercial de Ecuador en Los Angeles. " La oficina comercial del Ecuador mantiene las puertas abiertas a empresas y personas para que se reúnan con nosotros y exploren nuevas oportunidades para hacer negocios con Ecuador. Nuestro principal compromiso es ofrecer los mejores productos y su ingreso exitoso y constante de acuerdo al mercado."]

For interested parties, the Trade Commission of Ecuador in Los Angeles will be hosting Pacari Chocolate and several other outstanding Ecuadorian exporters this coming October.

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