Sunday, August 21, 2011

An expensive future

~ Diamond covered toilet- 50,000 British pounds;  cleaning the inside of the bowl every few weeks- priceless fun

Yesterday, I keyworded the term "How to Profit" on Google news to show that no matter how bad the economy is, there's always vultures and parasites ready to swoop in and find ways to benefit.

Today I keyworded the term 'raising prices' to see what was out there in the news world..  Honestly, much more than I anticipated.  Here are headlines..

Retailers, Restaurants Raise Prices to Offset US Labor Costs -- Bloomberg

Redbox Follows Netflix's Lead, Raises DVD Prices -- International Business

Higher clothing prices bring out trickery from retailers -- AP

** This was the article A&G mentioned in the posting yesterday about being duped into paying more for less...

Watch Prices Rising With Swiss Franc -- Jewelers Circular

** Because the US, China and the rest of the world is in a race to devalue their currencies the quickest to help corporations make bigger profits with exports, the Swiss Franc is very strong, and as a result forcing the Swiss people to have to pay inflated prices on goods & services.

Yokohama raising OTR tire prices by up to 11 percent -- AP

Clorox Co. Plans Price Increases in Face of Rising Costs -- WSJ  "Price increases of 12% on liquid bleach, 7% on Glad wraps and Hidden Valley salad dressing, and 6% on Formula 409 cleaner are going into effect this month."

FedEx to raise prices in its freight unit -- Businessweek

US Steel raising prices, cites costs -- Reuters

Kimberly-Clark raising prices -- MSNBC

** They make Kleenex which has within 2 years, reduced their 3ply tissue box by 20 tissues to 120 per box and cutting  0.2inches per tissue to save $$ while charging more

~  And on and on and on..

Eventually everything will be going up.. utilities, gasoline again, basic food staples like milk and bread.   And jobs are not being created.. And people who do have jobs are being forced to work longer and harder for less..

And eventually what will you be forced to cut.. cable.. cellphone..?

And how long before you are forced to tap into your child's tuition fund to pay bills.. or run out altogether?

And does either party or any politician really care about you?

We warned in the past that economically, it was the equivalent of early December- winter fast approaching.    Now, we are economically at mid-December and its getting "colder".  Will there be a proverbial economic 'Christmas'?   That remains to be seen, but no matter, January and February tend to be brutal.

The one bright spot.. no matter how bad things get, spring does come and tulips shall always grow.  And things will be better for all.. But you must prepare for the winter like a squirrel collects acorns. Be smart and sensible with your money, and do not assume your leaders know what they're doing and all will work out in the end... Be Proactive in your lives.

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