Monday, September 12, 2011

Example of Market Manipulation in 1 chart

I talk often about how the stock market is rigged and manipulated;a big Con..  Here's a chart from today's market demonstrating it.  Notice at 3:40p, the Dow is basically at around 10,870 after pretty much meandering all day at around that level.

Then in last 20 minutes, it spikes about 200pts- based on Nothing but "hopes"- A most worthless emotion-- that Italy could get financial support from China and that would Magically end the euro zone's sovereign debt crisis.

Here were some headlines the market reacted on before 3:40pm:

Greece Default Risk Hits 98% -- Bloomberg

Euro falls to 7-month low on fear of Greek default -- AP

Greece- the new Lehman Bros? -- Y! Finance

There is absolutely No reason if you're an average Mom & Pop investor, you should be putting your money in this market.. None!..  And if your instincts are telling you to sell, listen to them.

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